Wheel alignment is mainly a safety precaution to ensure the long-term sustainability of the vehicle. General wear-and-tear on tires is heavily determined by the effectiveness of alignment, and how often an experienced driver is noticing issues as they arise.


How do I know if my tires need an alignment?


This can be most often identified in how the steering wheel feels when making turns. If there’s too much of a stick, or there’s directional drift when leaving the wheel idle. This leads to higher costs on fuel for the driver since the vehicle isn’t running at optimum efficiency. Vibrations when driving on smooth terrain can also be troubling for drivers, and is another reason to take your vehicle in to get a wheel alignment.


How often should I align my tires?


On every other oil change, or 6,500 miles, you should align your wheels at least once. Sometimes alignment may be required sooner if there’s a pressing issue that the driver has identified when driving for an extended period, but otherwise, this is a generally good rule of thumb. The whole process should take no more than an hour, just a bit longer than the average oil change.

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