A vehicle’s suspension functionality is extremely essential to the rest of the car working properly. This is because the suspension works as a shock absorber composed of springs to ensure your driving experience is smooth and safe by absorbing the impact of road bumps. We’ll be going over the various signs to look for that point to your vehicle’s suspension needing repair, so if you recognize any of these signs, be sure to get your vehicle’s suspension repaired as soon as you can by contacting a mechanic you trust to take a closer look at the warning signs you’ve noticed and get the job done to get you back on the road safely!


Signs that your vehicle needs its suspension repaired

  • Your rides in the car seem to be rough and shakey, and they weren’t always like that
  • You notice that the car begins to drift when you make left or right turns
  • You notice that even when your car comes to a stop, it is not smooth or makes “nose dives”
  • The tires on your vehicle seem to wear out quicker
  • You’re experiencing issues with the lower sides of the vehicle (it may be leaning towards one side or the other)
  • Your shocks appear oily (caused by a leaking suspension)
  • Your car fails the bounce test (when you press on a back corner of your car and it bounces up and down)

Now that you’re aware of the various signs that may indicate that your vehicle needs a new or repaired suspension, we hope you notice the warning signs sooner so that your experience driving on the road is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

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