If you don’t know how to care for your car, it can become one of your most expensive and time-consuming expenditures. Aside from becoming acquainted with the brand and model of vehicle that you own, there are further tips and techniques to master.


An emergency kit is an essential thing to keep in your automobile. Check that the kit includes equipment for charging the battery, filling the petrol tank, and replacing the tires. Include a flashlight, batteries, and blankets in case of a nocturnal breakdown.


Keep a record of every time your car is fixed, regardless of the reason. When another problem arises, you will be able to give the mechanic with the history. You may have to pay more if you don’t have records because it will take longer to locate the problem.


You’ve discovered a good mechanic if you see the Automotive Service Excellence logo. To earn this logo, mechanics must pass an exam and maintain a solid track record. Although not all good mechanics obtain this qualification, you should aim to hire an ASE-certified mechanic.


Keep a record of all the maintenance you’ve ever done on your car. Put this log in your glove compartment box to make things easier. If your car has a problem, this information can help the technician figure out what’s wrong much faster.


Do not be concerned if you discover a puddle of water under your automobile. Condensation from your air conditioning system is frequently the source of puddles. If you haven’t been utilizing your air conditioning system or if you see puddles of water under your car on a frequent basis, you should be concerned. If you want to ensure that there is nothing especially wrong with your car, bring it into a Nono’s 76. We will check it out and will help you understand what issues can be avoided moving forward. Contact our technicians today with your questions.