Using a basic four-phase cycle, a car ac system removes heat from the air inside your vehicle and cools it. A car’s air conditioner has few moving parts, but it might be difficult to figure out why it is spewing warm air. There are a number of components and systems that can cause the vents to be filled with warm air.


Here are some of the most typical reasons why an air conditioning system isn’t working.


Leaks in the Refrigeration System


Leaking O-rings, seals, or other components are the most typical causes of a malfunctioning air conditioning system. Refrigerant loss can alter the temperature of the air coming from the vents even if it is only a little amount of it. Short-cycling is a certain indicator of low refrigerant in an AC compressor.


AC Compressor


Another typical reason for AC difficulties is the compressor. The clutch assembly at the AC compressor’s front should be engaged, so double-check it there.


The clutch should be engaged when the engine is running, the blower fan is running at full power, and the AC temperature is set to the lowest setting. When the clutch engages, you may hear a “click” or notice a change in engine speed. AC system refrigerant levels may be dangerously low, an electrical issue may be at blame, or the clutch may have simply failed.

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